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Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam is one of the various products produced by Koch Chemie. In this review, I’ll be look at the best way to use it, how I found it to perform across various tests as well as the overall value for money.

I’ve included Gentle Snow Foam in my list of the best snow foams. This snow foam has been tested across various cars of different levels of dirt, as well as different forms of wax and sealants on them. This is to get the best, overall opinion on the product.

How To Use

Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam is really straight forward to use. For a 1 litre snow foam lance, you only need 20ml of product which is a nice and easy dilution to do. After that, it’s just the case of covering your car in a thick blanket of snow foam and let it do its work.

In the summer months, I found that 5 minutes maximum was the best time. It didn’t let the snow foam dry on the panel which is the last thing you want to do.

In the winter months, you could bump this up to 8 or 9 minutes to really let it bed in.

The good news is that Gentle Snow Foam can also be used as a normal car shampoo. When doing it this way, the recommendation is that 50ml of GSF is added to 10 litres of water. The benefit of this is that you’ve got a car shampoo and snow foam in the same bottle.

Another option would be to apply the snow foam and let it dwell, and then rinse it off. After this, you could cover the car again in a blanket of snow foam, and then agitate the freshly applied layer of snow foam using your wash mitt.


Gentle Snow Foam is a pH neutral product. As such, it would be expected that you wouldn’t get a high cleaning power from it when compared to a high alkaline snow foam.

The results will of course vary depending on the condition of the car. When using it on cars that are regularly washed and had either a quality wax or sealant on it, it helped to take the majority of the dirt and grime off of the car before going in for the contact wash.

For cars that hadn’t been washed for over a month, and had also either no wax/sealant, or protection that was practically gone, the results weren’t as impressive. Whilst it did still remove a lot of the dirt, repeated applications were required to remove the dirt.

The recommendation from Koch Chemie in cases such as this is to use 20ml of their Green Star in the lance to give that extra “bite” to help break down the harder dirt. With that in mind, I tried various volumes. In some instances, only 10ml of Green Star was needed. Since it is an alkaline product, it just gives Gentle Snow Foam that extra boost is needs to break down the dirt before you go in for the contact wash.

Some may argue that using Green Star in it will degrade the wax and sealant on the car. The response to this is that by that point, the wax/sealant is so far gone anyway that it would need a fresh application. In that case, this would be a great combination to strip the remnants  of an older wax or sealant. I would also say that when the colder months come in and there is a large build up of dirt on the car, adding 10ml of Green Start into the lance would be great to take it off.

Value For Money

Considering the quality of cleaning I had when using Gentle Snow Foam, and how little it costs, I would say it’s definitely worth the price point. If you used this once per week at the recommended dilution ration, it would last 25 weeks.  Considering that you can also use it is a normal car shampoo, it offers even more value for money.

This is a brilliant snow foam and definitely one that should be part of your detailing repertoire.

Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam 1000ml, Car Cleaning Active Foam
  • Diversity – not only for the perfect car care but can also be used for cleaning motorcycle, bicycle, motorbike, boat, yacht, also ideal for working with a foam canon.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value for Money


Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam is a brilliant, cost effective snow foam that also can be used as a normal car shampoo.



Great cleaning power

Wax and Sealant safe

Can be used as a shampoo


On poorly maintained cars, needs several applications