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Nitro is one of the quick detailers that is available in the Duel Autocare range. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at it and how I felt it performed during my testing.

How to apply

The application of it is really easy. I tried it on both a dry panel as well as on a wet panel to see how it would fare in both situations.

I would say that I prefer using it on a dry panel, especially since it won’t saturarte the microfibre cloth. In both instances, I used the Duel Autocare Coral Fleece cloth.

A few sprays were more than enough to coat the panel and it was the simple case of spreading Nitro over then panel, flipping the cloth over and buffing it off. Whilst it is dubbed as a quick detailer, I’ve used ones before which take a good amount of time to apply and remove.

Not only did I add this onto the bodywork, but I also used it on the alloy wheels and also the glass since Duel Autocare have suggested that you can use it on these as well.


During the testing, I used it on a white car,  a black panel, alloy wheels, the glass on the car and also the black trim on my car. The depth of gloss on the white and black paint was exceptional. It really added a great look to the panels and it has that deep, glossy wet look to it which isn’t always the easiest to achieve.

For the black test panel, I had left this outside and it was subjected to bird droppings. I liberally sprayed Nitro onto it and was able to scoop this up with a dedicated microfibre cloth. This in itself is a great product to keep in the boot in situations like that where you don’t have access to a hose or pressure washer. It really did a great job of removing it and there were no scratches inflicted on it.

With respect to the alloys, it also made these look great. I spend a lot of time on the alloy wheels to make sure they look perfect, and for years I’ve used Collinite 476S as a way to protect them. However, adding Nitro on top of that really is a game changer. It made the alloys look amazing, and as with the paintwork, it left a wet and deep glossy look to them.

With respect to the glass, Duel Autocare have suggested that it can be used as a glass cleaner in a pinch. It did a really great job at cleaning the glass on the car.

Likewise, with the trim it was good to see just how well it worked. The trim pieces underneath the headlights were starting to get a bit dull after the coating I applied to it years ago was wearing off. A quick spray of Nitro onto these and it’s made the trim look as though it’s brand new. The time to do the trim under both headlights was less than a minutes.

Similarly, the black pillars on the doors are constantly getting marked up by me when I’m closing the door. They look brilliant now that I’ve been applying Nitro to them, and it’s meant I’m using the handle to close the door instead of using the pillar (funny that, eh?).

As mentioned, I used the Coral Fleece microfibre cloth. This is the perfect companion for Nitro. It makes the entire application a breeze, and I was never left with any streaking on the paint work. It is one of the best buffing cloths I’ve used in a long time and I would highly recommend purchasing a handful of these for your detailing needs.

Value for money

For less than £10 for a 500ml bottle, it’s a steal. I’ve used quick detailers before that are double the price, and whilst they offer a small degree of hydrophobic protection, they wear off after a week. The shine that I experienced with Nitro hasn’t waned, and that’s with there being a lot of rain between applications.

Given the fact that it can be used on multiple surfaces as well, it’s a great bonus. I also really like that it smells great as well and unlike the more expensive quick detailers, it doesn’t have an offensive smell to it. This is really a quick detailer that you need to have in your collection.

Nitro can be purchased directly from Duel Autocare, as can the coral fleece microfibre cloth. Nitro is also available from Amazon.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value for Money


Nitro is a fantastic and cost effective quick detailer that will leave your car looking amazing



Quick and easy to apply

Only a small amount is needed for a mid sized car

Multipurpose use