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Cleaning the interior of the car can be a bit of a boring task, and tricky is it’s particularly dirty.

The upholstery needs to be kept on top of in order to ensure that dirt isn’t permanently ingrained into it. With that in mind, I’ve collated a list of my favourite upholstery cleaners for your car.

For all of these cleaners, you will need at least one high quality microfibre cloth, and I recommend buying the 10 pack of the Gtechniq cloths. They’re a tad more expensive than other brands, but they last a long time, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Gtechniq MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Cloth for Cars, Soft Car Cleaning Cloth with Ultra Split Fibres, Machine Washable, 40 x 40cm 300GSM, Car Accessories for Car Detailing Kit - Pack of 10
  • REMOVES TOUGH RESIDUE WITHOUT SCRATCHING - strong and durable yet very gentle on paintwork, this microfibre cleaning cloth lets you simply wipe off residues and leaves your car with a high-gloss streak-free shine

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Autoglym Interior Shampoo

Autoglym Interior Shampoo was actually my first upholstery cleaner, and it’s one I still use regularly to keep on top of the inside of my car. What I really like about it is that a little goes a long way. When I’m using it, I like to spray a small amount of it onto a microfibre cloth or detailing brush and then use it to clean the area of choice.

The reason for this, as opposed to applying it to the upholstery directly is that I don’t want to over saturate the area. Whilst I do have a carpet extractor, I don’t want to have to pull that out each time I clean the interior of my car. It’s a really easy, cost effective and efficient upholstery cleaner, and I like that it can also be used on steering wheels and also the door panels and dashboard.

Autoglym Interior Shampoo, 500ml - Car Interior Shampoo That Cleans and Freshens Carpets, Fabrics, Upholstery and Plastics
  • Interior car shampoo that quickly and easily removes stubborn stains from all interior fabrics and surfaces

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Turtle Wax Power Out

Turtle Wax are well known for the exterior cleaning products, but special mention has to go to this interior cleaner. Instead of the spray format of the Interior Shampoo discussed above, Turtle Wax Power Out is a foam cleaner, almost with the consistency of shaving foam.

It’s certainly an interesting product, in that on the top of the can there is a brush. This is a unique approach to upholstery cleaners, and I found that the combination of the foam and the brush worked exceptionally well. I tested it out on a friends carpet mats and these were covered in dirt. The Power Out made short work of the dirt, and cleaning away the excess was a breeze with a microfibre cloth.

It also helped to remove a lot of the smell from a smokers car. For interiors that are really dirty and you don’t have a carpet extractor, this is definitely a great option to clean the upholstery.

It’s important to note that some sellers on Amazon are selling one bottle for the same price as the Turtle Wax store front on Amazon is charging for two of them. In that case, you should be buying the double pack version.

Last update on 2024-06-13 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Gtechniq I2 Tri Clean

Gtechniq I2 Tri Clean is another really impressive upholstery cleaner. I tried it on a car seat that had chocolate smeared into it and after a few passes, the stain was gone completely. Of course, since it did such a great job of cleaning that small area, I had to clean the entire seat.

Given how easy it is to use though, it certainly wasn’t a hardship doing that. The application was similar to the Interior Shampoo, so I’m already well versed in doing it.

It is a tad more expensive than interior shampoo, so bear that in mind. However, if you’ve got a car that has a lot of passengers that like to make a mess, then I2 Tri Clean is one of the best things you can get for your seats. It also has an odour eliminator in it as well to ensure your car remains smell free.

Gtechniq Car Upholstery Cleaner. I2 Tri-Clean All-Surface Cleaner for Cars and Car Detailing. Removes Stains, Dirt and Grime, Absorbs Odours - 500ml
  • FAST-ACTING CAR INTERIOR CLEANER REMOVES STAINS - incredible results on stubborn dirt that other car cleaners can't remove - with advanced technology to freshen your car's upholstery, steering wheel and interior to leave your car looking like new

Last update on 2024-06-13 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.