Last Updated on November 12, 2023 by Stewart

Carrying out a Prewash on the car is a great way to remove as much dirt and debris from the car as possible. This can be done in a variety of ways using various different chemicals. The end result is the same though; to minimise scratches and swirls on the paint work.

A great way at removing a lot of dirt from the car is to use snow foam on it. There are many snow foams on the market, and we’ve made a list of our favourite ones. You can read about them by clicking here.

Autoglym have made their own pre wash snow foam. You can read our thoughts on it, here.

Koch Chemie have added the a snow foam to their lineup, you can read about Gentle Snow Foam at this page.

Of course, you can also use an All Purpose Cleaner in order to carry out a pre-wash on your car. We’ve covered W5 from Gtechniq and you can check out our review of it here.