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I’ve been using the Karcher WD2 Plus for quite a while now both on the car and around the home. In this review, I’ll be looking at how well it performs on the car.


The WD2 Plus is a combination vacuum cleaner, with it being able to be used as both a wet and a dry cleaner.

In the kit there is a crevice tool which is great for the nooks and cranies on the car. There is also a floor tool which has a squeegee on it.

 This can be used on both carpets as well as hard flooring to get a great clean. With the addition of two suction tubes, you can extend or lower the size of the tubing easily. There is also a suction hose which is 1.8m in length, meaning that you can manoeuvre into the tightest of spots with ease.

Karcher also include a filter in the box, as well as one bag to collect the debris.

Swapping out the bags and filter is so straightforward. It takes less than a minute to do it. If you’re using the wet function of the WD2 Plus, you’ll want to remove the bag from the unit. This will leave you with the collection container. This can hold a whopping 12 litres of liquid. Ideally you’ll never need to use it to its full capacity but it’s good to know it’s there.

The WD2 Plus feels extremely sturdy, and yet it’s lightweight and easy to move. It comes with wheels on it, and after a good six months of use, the wheels are still performing well.


I used the WD2 Plus on my car routinely, and it does a great job of keeping the seats clean. I’ve got rubber floor mats in the car and they have groves in them which do retain a lot of the rubble and dirt that I pick up from where my car is parked.

It handles this with ease and leaves the car looking great overall. I also used this on a few other cars of friends that have pets. It managed to handle the pet hair with ease, and at no point did it struggle in terms of suction.

There was some of the pet hair that was embedded in it, but after collecting it using a squeegee and then using the WD2 Plus, it made short work with the rest of it. This is thanks to it’s powerful motor, which comes in at 1000 watts. You really don’t need to be running this long to get an amazing clean.

I was also able to put the wet vac portion of the unit to use. Unfortunately, a friend of mine had a leak in their car, so the boot was pretty wet and a large volume of water pooled in it. The WD2 Plus drank up the water in a short time frame.

Of course, the boot liner had to be removed to dry (the WD2 Plus is not a carpet extractor), but the massive pool of water that was in it gone and allowed the other parts of the carpet up the sidewalls of the boot to dry. Had it not been the case of having this, it would have meant small jugs would have been needed to remove the water

Value for Money

This is really versatile in that it can be used in both wet and dry situations and whilst you would ideally never need to use the wet vac function, it’s good to know it’s there for added peace of mind.

One cost that you need to consider is the bags that are used to collect the dirt and debris. Generally speaking, I can get a solid 2.5 months out of one bag. It may be due to the extreme suction of the WD2 Plus and it causes the dirt and debris to be compacted. The bags aren’t overly expensive. A four pack can be had for less than two Big Mac meals.

An upholstery brush is an optional extra, but the crevice tool is a suitable replacement for those that don’t want to pay out a bit extra money for it.

As mentioned in the feature section above, the blower function can be used to dry the car as well (presuming there is a suitable level of wax/sealant on it) and it means that you’re saving time drying the car.

The price of the WD2 Plus fluctuates between the £50-£70 mark. In all honesty, for the quality of the cleaning power that you get with it, I would pay well over £100 for it.

Kärcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner WD 2 Plus, blowing function, power: 1000w, plastic container: 12 l, suction hose: 1.8 m, incl. cartridge filter, floor and crevice nozzle, Yellow
  • Powerful suction: The wet and dry vacuum cleaner sucks up all fine and coarse dirt thanks to 180AW suction power. The blow function enables loose dirt to be blown off surfaces

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The Karcher WD2 Plus is a great, cost effective and yet powerful vacuum cleaner. Regardless if you’re on a budget or not, this is a great addition to any detailers garage.



Great power

Fantastic results

Very cost effective


No upholsterery attachment included

Uses bags to collect debris which some may not like