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This is an interesting shampoo from Meguiar’s, and not one that should be routinely used on the paintwork.

How and When To Use

Car Wash Plus+ is a special use case to decontaminate a car before applying a new wax, sealant, or coating to it.

There are very fine abrasives in the shampoo that will break down old waxes and sealants, as well as breaking up bug splatters and also some tar spots.

In terms of application, Meguiar’s recommend that the car is rinsed down first, and then Car Wash Plus+ is used. This didn’t sit right with me. I tried this on a test panel, and found that it did cause some marring on the paint work (even at a light pressure).

Instead, my recommendation a safe as possible wash is to use your car shampoo of choice first in order to remove the dirt and grime. You can read about the best options, here.

After giving the car a normal wash, rinse it off and thoroughly shake the Car Wash Plus+ bottle. It’s quite a thick shampoo so make sure you shake it well to ensure that the components are mixed together.  After this, apply a ribbon of the shampoo onto your washmitt and then run the washmitt over the paintwork.

This should be done one panel at a time, before rinsing off your wash mitt and then re-applying another ribbon of the shampoo and moving onto the next panel.

When using this, very light pressure should be used since there are micro-abrasives in it. If you go too hard with this, it may result in scratches and scuffs. Use the same pressure as though you’re washing the car normally.


The results of this are extremely impressive. I bought this as a way to remove old wax from the car, before applying a new coat of it. In that regard, it did extremely well and was able to remove wax that was 6 months old from the car. More importantly, I couldn’t see any marring on the paint, which you may see if you’re using a clay bar. It was clear after just going over the car once with the wax was completely gone.

I also tried it on the bug splatter that was on the car, and again, it removed this from the bumpers with ease.

With respect to tar spots on the car, it did remove the majority of them. There were some extremely stubborn spots that needed a dedicated tar remover. However, when using Car Wash Plus+ to remove the tar spots, there was no sign of damage afterwards.

I also applied an iron fallout remover afterwards, just to make sure that there wasn’t any left on the panel. There was some left on it, but not a massive amount. Considering that I hadn’t used a fallout remover for 3 months since the last use, the fact that there wasn’t much left on it is definitely due to the cleaning power of Car Wash Plus+.

With respect to it removing minor scuffs; these are hard to see on a white car. I did test is on several test panels that had minor scuffs on them, and there was an improvement. However, your mileage may vary. If you’ve got scuffs on your car, I would suggest instead that you use a dedicated products such as Super Resin Polish.

I also tried this on the glass on the car as I was curious to see how well it works. It gave an exceptionally deep clean on it. For the winter months especially, this could be a real game changer when the windows get covered in salt and grit.

Value For Money

This is a moderately priced car shampoo. It isn’t one that you would want to use for the weekly wash. However, it can successfully remove the majority of tar and iron deposits from the paintwork on the car. In addition to this, it is also on par price wise with other shampoos that can strip old waxes and sealants. I would say that it offers excellent value for money for the results that you can get from this.

Due to this, I highly recommend it for decontaminating a car.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value For Money


Meguiar’s Car Wash Plus+ is a fantastic decontamination product that will successfully strip old waxes and sealants from your car, allowing you to apply fresh ones.



Easily removes waxes and sealants

Can remove the majority of tar spots

Gives an exceptional deep clean for glass

Excellent value for money


Car needs to be washed normally BEFORE using this shampoo