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In this review, I’ll be looking at the Matt Finish Protectant Wipes from Armor All

How To Use

These are one of the easiest tools to clean the vinyl and plastic components of your cars interior.

It’s simply the case of rubbing the wipe over the area in question to remove the dirt and then allowing it to dry. There isn’t any over exuberant scrubbing needed to get a good clean with these.

I was really impressed with how well this worked with minimal effort.

I also found that these wipes can be used to clean the rubber door seals with ease. The smaller size of the wipes means that you can do this without worrying about it getting on the carpeted area of the car.

I’ve also tried using this on the engine bay in my car, as well as others. Using a wipe on the rubber hoses as well as the plastic engine covers was again, as easy as wiping over the area.


The results from these wipes considering that there’s no effort involved is really impressive. It cut through sticky finger prints left over by children, as well as mud stains with ease, like a hot knife through butter.

I do really like that they also add a layer of protection to the treated areas. For the dashboard especially, this should really help with respect to stopping UV rays damaging the finish.

When using it on engine bays, for one of the dirtier examples, I have to use a few wipes. However, this brought the plastic engine cover up looking great, as well as the hoses. After a few weeks, it still looked as though the engine bay had just been done.

This is great for those that want to spruce up the area, without introducing water to it.

As well as leaving a great, overall clean look to the interior plastics and vinyl, there were no streaks left on it either. Also, there was a pleasant lemony smell which was just right and it remained present for a day or so.

Value for Money

At less than £5 for a pack of 20 wipes, this is a no brainer. Whether it’s the case that you use them for a quick spruce up, or to remove mud marks on the interior of the cars plastic and vinyl, the fact that it can do so at this price should be commended.

I have the resealable pack that is similar to the packet you get baby wipes in. A bugbear with me normally is that these packets never seal down properly again after being opened. However, the packaging that Armor All are using for this seals down perfectly time and again.

This really adds to the value for money since it prevents the wipes drying out, which would make them useless. It’s the little touches like that which really make this an excellent choice to store in your glove box.

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Armor All Matt Finish Protectant Wipes are a great way to safely remove dirt from the vinyl and plastics in your car.


Cost effective cleaner Pleasant smell Flawless results