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As the name suggest, Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner can be used for a variety of different tasks. I’ve had it for a few months now and after extensive testing in various conditions, I’ve been able to come to a full decision on how it performs.

Unlike some other all purpose cleaners on the market, this offering from Autoglym can’t be diluted. Instead it comes ready made.

How To Use Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner

With respect to using it on the exterior, this can be used as part of a pre-wash. In the summer months, this should not be used in the direct sun. Due to the chemical nature of it, it can cause stains on the paintwork, which is the last thing you want.

When the car is cool to the touch, apply this directly to the car. This needs to be done before rising it. After a maximum of five minutes, rinse off the All Purpose Cleaner with copious amount of water. Depending on how dirty the car is (such as in the winter), you might need to apply a second coat.

In the winter months, I’ve found that you can leave it on for a wee bit longer than five minutes. However, should you choose to do so, that would be entirely your choice.

It can also be used on wheels in lieu of a wheel cleaner in the winter months.

For interior cleaning, Autoglym have recommended that you use it sparingly on the surface of your choice before agitating the area with a cloth or brush. However, I actually preferred to apply it directly to a detailing brush and use it to agitate the area in question that way, and then follow up with removing the residue with a damp microfibre cloth. This, in my opinion, will give you better control over where the product goes.

It should also be noted that All Purpose Cleaner must not be used on sat nav/infotainment screens as it can cause permanent damage to it. Having seen the damage that other APCs have done to screens in the past, I didn’t even want to try it this time.


I’ve been testing this since the summer, particularly when Saharan dust was causing an issue for detailers all over the country. A few squirts of this was more than enough to break up the pesky dust before blasting it off with the hose. Even when the dust wasn’t an issue, I used this as part of my pre-wash routine and was very happy with it.

A trick that a lot of people use is to apply this first, and then apply a snow foam on top of it. That allows it to spend a bit more time on the panel, and also prevents it drying in as well. Even when using it in standalone mode, I was really impressed with the results, especially in the lower parts of the car which are always the dirtiest.

After experiencing heavy snow fall this winter and freezing temperatures, I wanted to give this a blast at the first opportunity to see how well it worked.

In this instance, I did spray a bit more of the All Purpose Cleaner on the paintwork than I would have done in the summer. It did a phenomenal job on breaking down the absolute filth that was on the car. Since it was so cold, I was reluctant to carry out a two bucket wash. I’m pleased to say that between this, and using Autoglym Magma, it broke down a significant amount of the dirt and grime that was on the car. Given that the car hadn’t been washed for 3 weeks by that point, this was an impressive feat.

One thing to note is that this is alkaline on the pH scale. I know that this can give some users a bit of concern with respect to the waxes and sealants that they have on their car. This was something I was worried about as well. In the past, I’ve used alkaline products to strip old car wax from the car so it was a concern for me that it would strip the protection I had on it.

When testing in the summer, I had Autoglym UHD Wax on the car which had been on the car for 8 weeks. There was no degradation to the wax, and after carrying out the contact washes, the water still beaded off the car as you would expect.

In the winter, I had a coat of Rapid Ceramic Spray on the car instead. This was previously applied when the car was dry (which gives up to 3 months protection). At this point, the Rapid Ceramic Spray had been on the car for 6 weeks. Much like the UHD Wax, I did not notice any degradation to the coating.

I have been detailing cars for over ten years, and as such I know when a product has broken down a protection product on the car.

The fact that there was no noticeable damage to the spray coating really impressed me, especially when you consider the cleaning power on show with the Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner.

With respect to the interior; I used it sparingly on the door cards and also the leather seats. It brought them up really well. As pointed out by Autoglym, it should only be used on leather seats twice per year max. The door cards looked brand new, and for those that don’t have Interior Shampoo to hand, this is a great alternative.

Value For Money

One sticking point for many is that this is usually floating around the £15 mark, and it cannot be diluted down, unlike some other all purpose cleaners which would in theory give better value for money. In my opinion, the price point for Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner is spot on.  There isn’t any faffing about, it’s a straightforward product to use, and you do get a lot of use from the 1 litre bottle. After 7 applications, I’ve still got over third of the bottle left.

On top of that, the cleaning power from it is phenomenal. It is hands down one of the best, wax safe heavy duty cleaners that shifts an incredible amount of road dirt and film. For the winter months alone, it is worth the price to save you from dunking your hands into an ice cold bucket.

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  • Use as car cleaner or alloy car wheel cleaner to pre-soak prior to hand wash with car shampoo to soften the tough dirt or soiling

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value for Money


Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile, cost effective and very easy to use product. It gives an amazing finish each time it is used.



Works great as a pre-wash

Can be used in conjunction with snow foam for a great clean

Wax and sealant safe


Can’t be used on infotainment screens

Some might not like that it can’t be diluted