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Autoglym Car Glass Polish is one of two glass cleaning products from Autoglym, with the other one being Fast Glass.


It is really important that only a small amount of glass polish is applied to a microfibre applicator pad. This should be no larger than a 50p piece. This is the case where less is more.  I did add on a bit too much and it did make it harder to buff off afterwards. This isn’t the fault of the product; the instructions do say to apply a small amount. I did this on purpose to see how it would impact the removal process. If you do apply too much by mistake, simply apply a very small amount to the pad and go over the same area again. This will let you remove the residue.

In terms of the curing, or flash time, after five minutes the polish had dried to a haze indicating that it was time to remove it from the glass.

When the correct amount was applied to the pad, buffing it off with a microfibre towel was effortless. Usually it’s the case when cleaning glass that a short pile towel is the recommended choice. I however used a more plush towel and it made light work of removing the overall residue and since the correct amount was applied, there was no dusting present.

One thing I would caution against is using it to clean glass which has not been cleaned for a considerable period. If the glass is extremely dirty, it would be better to clean it off first using car shampoo and then go over the glass again. This is really to prevent the pad from being clogged up with the dirt, as well as minimising the chance of installing scratches and swirls into the glass.


It should be noted that some vendors are still suggesting that Car Glass Polish has anti-fog/anti-misting properties. Whilst this was once the case, the latest formulation of Car Glass Polish does not have this ability. Instead, it is necessary to use a specific product to prevent the windows steaming up.

The cleaning capabilities of Car Glass Polish is nothing short of exceptional. It did make light work of moderately dirty windows and it cut through the grime with ease.

I also ran a test and allowed water spots to form on the glass after washing the windows the previous day. Normally waterspots can be difficult to remove. Autoglym Car Glass Polish removed these waterspots with ease. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get ride of them. There was also a small amount of tree sap on the window as well which can be particularly difficult to get off. Autoglym Car Glass Polish cut through it with ease and didn’t leave any marks behind either.

The finish overall is brilliant, to the extent that you sometimes forget that the glass is even there. Whilst Car Glass Polish doesn’t offer an hydrophobic properties the way say, Gtechniq G1 does, because the glass is so clean rain water and dirt just doesn’t want to stick to the glass at all. It meant that all it really required was a light going over with an even smaller amount of polish when I went to clean the car several weeks later. If you would like to keep on top of it by cleaning the glass every other day, a much quicker option would be to use Autoglym Fast Glass.

Autoglym Car Glass Polish, 325ml - Windscreen and Car Window Cleaner, Deep Cleaning Cream for Crystal Clear Vision Inside and Out
  • Car Glass Polish is specially formulated to increase visibility through your windscreen for safer driving

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Autoglym Car Glass Polish is one of the easiest glass cleaners that gives long lasting results. It cleans through grime like a hot knife through butter and it’s an absolute joy to work with.



Excellent cleaning power

Brilliant anti-misting properties

One bottle will last a long time


If too much is applied, it can be tricky to remove.