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Armor All Semi Matt is a multipurpose product, which can be used on the interior and exterior of the car.

How To Use

Depending on the location you’re using the protectant on, you can either use an applicator pad, or a microfibre cloth to apply it.

In the case of applying this to the dashboard or tyre sidewalls, I would recommend that it is applied using an applicator pad in circular motions and then allowed to dry. It doesn’t take too long for this (only a few minutes).

If it’s being applied to trim work, then I would recommend applying it via microfibre cloth.

Regardless of the application method, a little goes a long way with it. The liquid is slightly thick, and one pump is enough for trim work.


I’ve used this both on the interior and exterior of the car. It brought up the dash board really well, even though a small amount of the product was used. I’m not a fan of shiny finishes on the inside or outside of the car, and it’s done an excellent job.

I had also purposefully made a slight mess on the dashboard to see if the protectant could also clean it up, and it did so with ease. In situations where the dashboard is excessively dirty, you might need to have a couple of passes with this.

On the exterior of the car, I’ve used this on the trim, around the car. This includes the trim that is underneath the bumper, as well as the mud flaps on the car. These get some amount of dirt thrown at them. I’m glad to say though that 11 days after applying it (and with some truly terrible weather), it’s still holding up well.

Likewise, the rear door handles on the car are part of the trim. I’ve put one application on that, and again, 11 days later it’s still holding up. More importantly, the product hasn’t started to run or streak. This has happened on other trim dressings that I’ve used before, and the appearance was unsightly. The fact that the product from Armor All doesn’t do this is a major plus point.

Similarly, it can also be used on the tyre sidewall. I was wondering how well it would hold up against a dedicated tyre dressing. I’m pleased to say that it lasted 8 days before it started to fade. For a multi use product, this is nothing short of exceptional. Again, just a small dab of it onto an applicator and working it into the sidewall was enough to give a nice, new tyre appearance.

It says it’s a semi-matt finish, and I would agree with this. It’s one of the nicer semi-matt finishes I’ve seen on a coating.

Value For Money

At the time of writing, you can get this for less than a Big Mac meal. Considering the results I’ve seen, this is amazing value for money.

What I’m also interested in is the long term protection that it will give. Applying it weekly to the areas on my Clio would see a bottle lasting one year. The bottle does say that it offers UV protection which is not something that all other trim dressings offer.

For those that want a very modestly priced product that also takes less than ten minutes to apply, it’s something that should be in every detailers repertoire.  The fact that it is also suitable for use on the interior of the car gives it a big thumbs up from me.

Armor All GAA10013EN Protectant Gloss Finish 300 ml
  • What You'll Get - 300 ml Car Interior Protectant Cleaner, Gloss Finish, for Plastic, Rubber & VInyl

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  • Value for Money


Armor All Semi-Matt Finish Protectant is an excellent, easy to use product for the inside and outside of your car. Highly recommended!



Very modestly priced Great durability, even in poor weather Easy to apply