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Armor All have been around for quite some time, and one of their most popular offerings if their wash and wax shampoo.

How To Use

In terms of use, it’s a bit open ended. Armor All recommends 3 caps of the shampoo into a bucket of water. The only thing is, it doesn’t say how much water to use. By and large, I always use 10 litres of water, so that’s what I went for on each occasion that I’ve used Wash & Wax.

This dilution ratio produced a decent amount of suds, though, and a decent level of lubrication as well.

As is the case with any other car shampoo, a few passes with a double sided wash mitt before rinsing the mitt out is the way forward when washing the car.


I was really happy with the results obtained with the Armor All Wash & Wax. I used this on a mildly soiled car, and it did work well at cutting through the majority of the dirt. There were a few areas at the bottom of the car that required a second going over, but it was still able to get it off.

Testing it on an extremely dirty car, it was a bit of a different story. It took a bit longer to remove the dirt from the car. This was on a vehicle that hadn’t been wash in 9 weeks. In the end though, it did a good job of bringing the car back to a clean state.

I also used it on my alloy wheels. These wheels have a protective coating on them, so generally speaking, all it needs is a mild shampoo to remove any dirt and brake dust. I also tested it on alloy wheels that hadn’t been protected, and it still gave a really great clean to them.

It did a really good job at removing this, and it left the wheels sparkling which is a nice addition. There is also a wax element in the shampoo as well. It should be noted though that whilst it is carnuba wax that is in it, it would never take away from a dedicated wax. What it does do is add a light layer of protection to the car. It also gives it a really nice shine. If you’ve already got wax on the car, this will really complement it.

Value for Money

This is one of the lowest priced car shampoos on the market. It offers great value for money thanks to this. What I would say though is that this is better used on cars that are regularly washed. If it’s being used on a car that goes months without being washed, it won’t be the most economical. This is due to it needing to be washed several times to get a pristine finish.

A nice bonus though is just how well it cleans alloy wheels. I was really impressed with this, and it is a great way to save a bit of money on a dedicated wheel cleaner. The brake dust melted away when using this.

For those that don’t have a massive budget to spend on car shampoo, but are still wanting to keep on top of their car every week, Armor All Wash & Wax shampoo is an ideal solution.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value for Money


Armor All Wash and Wax Shampoo is a great, cost effective way to clean your car



Low cost formula Makes the car and wheels look great Adds a minor amount of wax for some protection


Extremely soiled cars need a few washes