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As discussed elsewhere on the site, cleaning the interior is an important step. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Autoglyms Interior Shampoo.

How to use Autoglym Interior Shampoo

There are a few ways it can be applied, depending on the area that is being cleaned, and also the level of cleaning that is required.

For areas that aren’t overly dirty and just require a freshen up, it is often enough to spray a small amount of Interior Shampoo onto the desired area, agitate it with a microfibre cloth and then go over it again with a dry one.

If it’s a bit of spot cleaning that is required, then my personal preference is to load up an interior brush with the Interior Shampoo, and then use that to agitate the area of choice. That way it’s a lot easier to control any residue, which is a must when it comes to cloth seats.

The great thing with Interior Shampoo is that it can be used on both cloth and leather seats, as well as steering wheels and seatbelts. It can also be used on dashboards to clean them.

For areas that are really dirty, Interior Shampoo can still be used, but I would recommend that this is in conjunction with a carpet extractor. Depending on the size of area that needs to be cleaned, I’ll either apply it directly to the area, or onto a brush as mentioned above. After a moderately strong agitation, I then go over the cleaned area with a carpet extractor. One thing that should be noted is that less is more when it comes to using a carpet extractor You can always do additional passes afterwards if it isn’t quite clean, rather than bombarding the area with product and oversaturating it. If not all of the liquid is removed, than it can lead to mould and dampness in the car.


Overall, I’m really impressed with Autoglym Interior Shampoo. I like that it can be used for a variety of surfaces. In addition to this, it also leaves a great smell behind in the car as well. Whilst I don’t smoke, I did give a bottle to a friend who smoked in his wife’s car after specifically being told not to.

After Interior Shampoo was used on the seats, the smell of smoke was barely noticeable. Your mileage may vary though depending on how much product is used, how many cigarettes had been smoked etc.

Even though I do keep on top of cleaning the seats in my car, using Interior Shampoo has left them looking as though they are brand new seats. I very rarely eat in the car, and on one of the few occasions, I actually got chocolate onto the seat. Using the technique above with an interior brush, it removed all traces of the chocolate, which was a pleasant surprise.

Value for Money

When it comes to sheer value for money, using Autoglym Interior Shampoo really is a no brainer. It is often the case that a 500ml bottle is cheaper than a Big Mac meal from McDonalds. Since it only needs to be used sparingly, a 500ml bottle can last a long time. Generally speaking, I like to give the seats in my car a freshen up every few weeks, and cleaning the steering wheel and gear stick every fortnight. At that rate, I’ve managed to make a bottle of Interior Shampoo last for just over 7 months. It’s highly economical and something that every detailer should have in their toolbox.

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Autoglym Interior Shampoo is a great way to maintain the interior of your car. It’s extremely cost effective and so easy to use. Highly recommended!



Cost effective interior cleaner

Very easy to use

Highly economical