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The latest wax from Autoglym is their Ultra High Definition (UHD) Wax. Building on from their technology in the HD Wax, UHD Wax is a brilliant upgrade. It comes in a kit with the wax itself, an applicator pad and also a high quality microfiber cloth for buffing off the wax residue. UHD Wax is carnauba based, along with having proprietary carriers in it to make the application process a complete breeze.

Preparation for UHD Wax

As with any form of wax, the car needs to be spotless before applying this level of protection. Autoglym do recommend using their UHD Shampoo (and it’s even possible to get a kit with both the wax and the shampoo in the same bag). Having said that, if you don’t have any of the UHD shampoo, any other high quality car shampoo will work.

Swirl marks or light oxidation on the paintwork, it is also recommended to use Autoglyms Super Resin Polish. This has minor abrasives in it as well as having fillers which will help to reduce the appearance of scratches and swirls in the paintwork. The benefit of using Super Resin Polish is that UHD Wax was developed with SRP in mind, so both products compliment each other well.


Applying the UHD Wax is incredibly easy. The applicator car should be lightly misted with water (a few small squirts from a spray bottle should is enough) and put into the tub. Then, it’s just a case of giving a half turn of the applicator pad and then applying it to the car in circular motions.

Over applying the wax before buffing it off will not add any extra benefit. It will only make it tough to remove, as well as wasting the product. A thin layer will suffice. Generally speaking, the wax will ‘flash’ within 10 minutes. It is then removed with the included cloth.

Leaving the wax on for longer doesn’t usually make it harder to remove. The exception to this is when the car is in the baking sun. Doing so is strongly discouraged.

After application, another layer can be added. This will improve the longerm durability of the wax. The pleasing thing about UHD Wax is just how easy it is to use.  I didn’t struggle at any stage of the application process and it was a pleasure to use it.

Durability of UHD Wax

When I’ve been applying it to the car, it has been two layers I’ve put on. Applying it in the spring and summer generally gives 6 months of protection. During the winter months, I’ve noticed that I get at least 4 months of protection, but it will start to degrade after the 4 month mark. This is due to the harsh winter conditions. This is nothing short of exceptional, though. In contrast, other waxes will only last two months in the winter.

As a small example, I’ve uploaded a video onto YouTube showing how the UHD Wax performs after two months, compared to freshly applied wax. At the two month mark, it still performs extremely well, but I’ll let you be the judge by watching the video, here. UHD Wax is seriously hydrophobic!


The gloss levels for the UHD Wax are amazing. As long as the car is prepped properly, it makes it look amazing. I’ve also noticed that unlike other waxes, UHD Wax appears to have self cleaning properties as well. This is no doubt due to the protection  that it lays down. Water flies off of the car, but any water that is left produces extremely tight beads which do look brilliant. Due to it making the car so resistant to dirt, the car only really needs a quick wash. After applying the UHD, I did try a poor quality shampoo that doesn’t normally offer a lot of lubrication. It made the cleaning process effortless.

However, I would recommend that you do not use inferior shampoos since they do generally contain more aggressive chemicals which can degrade the wax. I used UHD Wax in conjunction with UHD Shampoo since it offers a lot of lubrication.

In terms of the protection, the car will of course still need to be cleaned. If you miss a weekend wash then the dirt will still be easy to remove. I had actually been on a building site with the car in the pouring rain. As you can no doubt guess, the car was extremely dirty afterwards. The rain did remove some of the dirt but by the following morning the dirt had dried in. Running over the car with a normal garden hose was sufficient enough to remove this dried in dirt. This really sold me on using this wax on a long term basis. I’ve never experienced another wax that was able to do this.

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax - High-end Car Wax Made with Carnauba For the Ultimate Mirror-like Shine, 120 g (Pack of 1)
  • Premium car wax blend made of the finest ingredients to produce the ultimate mirror-like shine

Last update on 2024-07-18 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Last update on 2024-07-18 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money
  • Durability


Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax is a brilliant product that every detailer should have in their collection. The ease of use is head and shoulders above other brands, and the durability is fantastic.


Extreme hydrophobic properties

Great self cleaning capabilities

Amazon gloss levels