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Magma is the fallout remover from Autoglym. As with other fallout removers on the market, the role of Magma is to break down iron particles on the paintwork to allow them to be removed safely.

Much like other fallout removers, it is the case with Magma that any areas of contamination will appear as purple marks on the car.

Ease of Use

Using Magma is really straightforward. After the car has been washed with a high quality shampoo (these can be found, here), it’s important to remove as much surface water from the car as possible. This is a lot easier if you have some form of protection on the paint. After this, I usually apply 1-2 sprays of Magma onto each panel and let it do it’s job. One thing that I must stress is that this should not be applied in direct sunlight. Doing so will cause it to dry out extremely quickly and leave an unsightly appearance. This is especially true when it comes to applying the Magma to the glass. I foolishly did this and left it on for too long and was horrified that I wrecked the glass. Thankfully it was the case that it washed off easily.

In terms of dwell time on each panel, I normally leave it for 5 minutes maximum. There is then the option to rinse off the product, or to agitate it with a shampoo of your choice. At this stage, I normally use a dedicate wash mitt to re-wash the car. That way, I’m sure that all of the iron fallout has been safely removed from the paint, as well as the


The good thing with Magma is that it’s actually a very versatile product. First and foremost, it is an iron fallout remover. However, it is also a great way to remove fallout from wheels, as shown in the photo below and it really reacts with the iron that is on the wheels. This video on YouTube also highlights that it can still cause a reaction on wheels that have had a deep clean performed on them. For those that are a pinch, it can be used to really give the wheels a good clean. If they’re not overly dirty, then it would mean that you won’t even need to agitate the Magma with a brush; just spray on and then rinse off.

Autoglym Magma on Wheels

One nice little hack that I do like (especially during the colder, winter months) is to rinse the car thoroughly, and then over apply a coating of Magma and let it dwell and then rinse it off. At no point do I put a wash mitt near the paintwork. With the surfactants in it, it does perform a really good clean and it can take off a lot of road grime and dirt. I wouldn’t do this every wash since it isn’t cost effective, but it can help in situations where a quick clean is needed on the car and it’s not possible to do a two bucket wash on it.

When talking about the usage of any iron fallout product, one thing I feel is really important is to mention how it smells. For those that have used iron fallout removers before, they’ll know exactly what I mean. By and large, these chemicals do have a strong, horrible smell to them. Whatever Autoglym has done with Magma has meant that the smell is unique, but by no means horrible and unpleasant to work with.

Value for Money

The price of it does go up and down on sites such as Amazon and Halfords. However, the benefit of Magma is that unlike some iron fallout removers, it is safe to use all over the car. What I really like about it as well is the fact that only a few sprays are needed. There’s no need to add a thick coating of Magma all over the bodywork on the first application.

In addition to this, it is pH neutral and therefore it isn’t going to cause any rapid deterioration to any waxes or sealants on the paintwork, regardless of how long they’ve been on for. This in itself if going to save you money since you don’t need to reapply coatings after using Magma. I’ve been using it for months now on top of a coating of UHD Wax and Magma has not impacted the quality of this coating.

Generally speaking, I apply Magma every second-third wash. The benefit of having an excellent coating on the car is that a lot of the fallout isn’t able to really rest on the car meaning I get longer out of a bottle. One bottle can do me for around 2 months, which is fairly impressive when you consider the technology that is in it.

Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay, 500ml - Colour Transform Technology Fallout Remover, Removes Stubborn Iron Specks From Car Bodywork, Brake Discs, Car Wheel Cleaner, Red
  • Colour Transform Technology reacts with iron particles on your bodywork and wheels so they can be easily rinsed away for a deep clean

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  • Ease of Use
  • Different Uses
  • Value for Money


Autoglym Magma is another standout product from Autoglym. It makes quick work of iron fallout on the car and it produces an excellent, fallout free finish.



Superior decontamination on bodywork and wheels

Doesn’t have an awful smell unlike other iron fallout removers

A little goes a long way



The pricing isn’t always stable, and can be a bit erratic

If left to dwell too long on glass, it looks awful (but easily remedied by washing it)