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When it comes to applying polishes, waxes, sealants and dressings to your car, it can be difficult to choose the correct applicator pad for your needs. One big bit of advice it so ensure that you steer clear of the cheap knockoffs that are usually sold on some sites since these can seriously damage the paintwork on your car. By following the recommendations below, you’ll have the best applicators for your detailing needs.

Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator

My first pick is the Perfect Polish Applicator from Autoglym. This is one that I’ve been using ever since I got into detailing 9 years ago. First off, it’s great value for money since you get two in one pack. What I like to do is use one for applying Super Resin Polish to my car, and then use the other applicator to apply tyre dressing.

One thing that is important to note is that Autoglym specifically point out that when using Extra Gloss Protection that this applicator must not be used.

With respect to applying any form of wax or polish using the Perfect Polish Applicator, it has contoured edges so that you are able to get into the tighter areas of the car without applying it to the trim unnecessarily.

At the front of my car, the grill area is pretty intricate with the fog lights. In this area I’ll use a dedicated Perfect Polish Applicator for that to ensure that I get great, even coverage of the grill. As someone with larger hands, I find that this is a great applicator to hold onto, and it makes applying a wide array of products to the car a real breeze. Also, thanks to its size, it makes applying product to a panel extremely quick and efficient as well.  Caring for the applicator is easy as well, simply rinse it out with water after use and allow it to air dry. I’ve got quite a few of these in my collection now, with a few actually being nearly 5 years old. For the older ones, I repurpose these and use them to carry out a waterless wash on the components of the engine bay. It’s a Clio so I’m not taking any chances with introducing a stream of water into the engine bay!

Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator - Specially Designed Car Polish Applicator Pads with Point and Straight Edges For Precise Application, Pack of 2
  • " The specially designed point and straight edges of the Perfect Polish Applicator allow for precise application of polishes and dressings to avoid product spreading onto unwanted areas "

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Meguiar’s Even Coat Applicator

For those that prefer to use a mircofibre applicator pad, then a great option is the Meguiar’s Even Coat Applicator Pads. These come in a pack of two, and are pretty thick pads.

These are fantastic for a whole range of applications. They are incredibly soft, and would be a great fit for applying a polish, wax or sealant to extremely soft paintwork, or areas of the car that have black glossy paint like the pillars. They are hands down some of the softest pads that I’ve ever used.

I really like using these as a way to apply dressings to the inside of the car. In addition to this, they are also great when it comes to using Car Glass Polish. It makes applying it extremely easy. Also, one area that I do like to apply protection to is the lowest parts of the car just underneath the doors. I don’t want to use a really expensive applicator pad, but I don’t want to use a cheap one either that might damage the paint. These Even Coat Applicator Pads are excellent for protecting the lowest (and dirtiest) parts of the car.

Last update on 2024-05-19 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Glart Microfibre Applicator

Our final pick comes from the Glart brand on Amazon. I use these primarily for applying protection products to my alloy wheels. The reason for this is that the cost of these per pad (the lowest number in a pack is 3) is extremely low, but there’s also a decent amount of microfibre on it so you won’t scratch your alloys.

The added bonus with the Glart applicator pads is that in addition to them being pretty large, they also have a strap on them so that you won’t drop it. This really impressed me when I was using them. This is especially true when I’m applying a wax to the back of the alloys to protect them as well the inner barrel. Since I don’t take the wheels off to do this, it can sometimes be tricky and I’ve dropped the pad before. Since moving to the Glart pads, this hasn’t been an issue.

These pads are also great for applying dressings to the wheel arches. Again, the strap on the back makes this somewhat fiddly task a lot easier. Also, since this area can still be dirty after a thorough clean, I much rather use these pads than more expensive ones.

The last area I use the Glart pads on is the bottom of the doors. These are an often neglected area  of the car which many people don’t protect. Whilst it’s out of sight, I still like to make sure that there’s protection on it to prevent any corrosion from taking place.

Glart 43PP microfibre hand polishing sponge set of 3, 130x25 mm, wax applicator pad for waxes, polishes, paint cleaner, car polish, motorcycle polish, instead of polishing machine
  • Soft round polishing disc with a diameter of 130 mm and 25 mm thick: ideal for easy use in car conditioning in combination with a paint cleaner, polish, wax or abrasive paste

Last update on 2024-05-19 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.