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Autoglym Fast Glass is a glass cleaning product in the Autoglym range, with the other being Car Glass Polish.

Unlike the Car Glass Polish, it comes in a 500ml bottle with a trigger spray.

How To Use Fast Glass

It really is as simply as applying a few squirts of the cleaner to the glass and then using a short pile microfibre cloth to clean the spread the it over the glass. When doing this, it will flash off pretty quickly. After this, all that is needed is to flip the mircofibre cloth over to a clean side and buff the glass.

If it is the case that it is the inside of the windscreen that is being cleaned, then Fast Glass should be applied directly to the microfibre cloth and used to clean the glass. If it is sprayed directly onto the inside of the windscreen, it can come down onto the dashboard, which will require extra work to remove.

This is a low effort glass cleaning solution. As mentioned elsewhere on the site though, I do not recommend using any glass cleaner on heavily soiled glass directly. Instead, I always recommend that the glass is cleaned with the same shampoo that it used to clean the car.

This will remove the larger part of dirt and debris, allowing you to use Fast Glass to give it a brilliant finish. An added benefit of Fast Glass is the fact that it can also be used to remove Super Resin Polish residue from plastic trim by applying it directly to the trim, agitating it with either a microfibre towel of soft detailing brush and then wiping it clean.

Does Fast Glass Provide Hydrophobic Properties?

There are some glass cleaners such as Rain-X that will also make the glass hydrophobic. This is not the case with Fast Glass. It is a straight glass cleaner with no additional additives to it. Thanks to this though, it can also be used on glass work around the house, and not just on the car.

How well does Fast Glass clean?

In short, it does a fantastic job. It cleans the glass so well that it doesn’t actually look as though there is glass there! The only reason that I knew the window was all the way up was due to me being able to see some of the scratches inflicted on it by the previous owner.

Of course, it also makes quick work of cleaning the mirrors on the car as well. It acts rapidly to give a smear free finish regardless of the conditions. On my car, there are glossy black door pillars which can be pretty tricky to clean. One spray of Fast Glass onto them and cleaned using the method above is more than enough to remove the fingerprints from it.

Value for Money

Considering that a windscreen on a normal sized hatchback only needs 2-3 sprays of Fast Glass to make it look immaculate, this is great value for money. What I really like about it as well as that it can also be used to clean the infotainment displays on cars as well. Some other glass cleaners specifically say not to use them on these screens, which would mean you would need to stump up the cash for another cleaner just for that.

I’ve had the same bottle in my garage for the past 18 months, so a little goes a long way. Even better, it doesn’t “go off” after being opened for too long.

Should I buy Fast Glass, or Car Glass Polish?

This is a fair question I was asked recently when I was discussing the two different products with a friend. Personally, for me they both work exceptionally well, and there isn’t any noticeable difference how clean the glass is between the two products.

The main big area where they differ is their application, with Fast Glass being applied by a trigger spray, and Car Glass Polish being added to a bad and buffed into the glass. Personally, I like both methods of glass cleaning, and it depends on what mood I’m in on which glass cleaner I’ll use.

There is something therapeutic with cleaning the glass with Car Glass Polish, but if I’m short on time, then Fast Glass will do the trick. Of course, Car Glass Polish can’t be used on infotainment screens, nor can it be used to remove polish residue from trimwork. On the flipside of this, Fast Glass does not have an anti-misting effect, which Car Glass Polish does. The anti-misting properties in the winter are really beneficial. In my opinion, I would opt for both products and decide for yourself when one is more beneficial than the other for your own needs. The review for Car Glass Polish can be found here.

Autoglym Fast Glass, 500ml - Car Window Cleaner for Windscreen, Windshield, Window Cleaning, Mirrors and More
  • Fast Glass is a highly effective car glass cleaner spray, free of abrasives, waxes and silicones which leaves no residues but a crystal clear finish

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  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money
  • Quality of Results


Autoglym Fast Glass is the fastest acting glass cleaning product you can get on the market. At such a low price point and how well it cleans, it’s a product you need to have in your arsenal, today.



Great value for money

Outstanding finish

One bottles lasts for a long time

Multiple uses around the car