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Car glass cleaners can be hit and miss. Sometimes you’ll get a great one, and sadly at other times you can spend a lot of money and be left with what is effectively about as useful as just a bottle of water. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at Optical Glass Cleaner from Duel Autocare.

How To Use Optical Glass Cleaner

It might sound simple, but with glass cleaners, it’s important to follow the instructions to the letter. Aside from having Optical, it’s crucial that you have the correct cloth to carry out the clean. When I was using Optical, I also used Duel’s glass cleaning cloth. The benefit of this is that it has been made for the sole reason for cleaning glass. I would always recommend that you use a dedicated cloth, otherwise you can end up with unsightly streaks.

As with a lot of other glass cleaners, Optical needs to be used out of direct sunlight. A little goes a long way. For the windscreen on the Clio, I used two sprays of Optical. This was perfect sufficient to clean the windscreen. It really is as simple as spraying on, working it in with one side of the glass towel and then flipping it over to buff it off.

For smaller bits of glass, it’s fine to apply a small amount to your glass towel and then wipe on and buff off.


Optical really does deliver a streak free shine. However, it should be noted that this was when it was used with Duel’s glass cloth. Glass cleaners aren’t designed to be used with fluffy microbfibres that you would use to remove a wax or sealant.

For the low price of their glass cloth, it’s something you should really pick up whilst buying Optical.

I did follow the instructions in that it was out of direct sun light and I didn’t allow it to dry. After I had finished cleaning the glass inside and out, the finish was flawless.

What really struck me was the quickness of cleaning it. I park my car during the day in an area where it gets really grubby with the amount of contaminants in the air. Optical cut through that with no trouble at all.

I also personally think that in the winter months, Optical could be a game changer. When its excessively cold, detailing a car is normally the bottom of the list, but it’s so important to make sure the windscreen is kept clean. Optical would be a great way to do that ensure that the wiper blades don’t get clogged up with grime.

I also used Optical on the glass in my shower and it’s a great way to clean down your shower doors as well.

Another point to note is the streak free finish the Duel Autocare have claimed. I’ve used Optical several times now and there were no instances of streaking which is a bonus. There’s nothing worse than having perfectly clear glass, only for there to be a streak in it.

Value For Money

Optical is reasonably priced for an exceptional glass cleaner. The only thing I would say is that it depending on the infotainment screen that you have in your car, I wouldn’t use it on that due to it’s high alcohol content. Apart from that though, you’re getting real value for money here and it is going to last you a long time. Supposing you had a mid sized car and you clean the windows once per week, you’d get in the region of 4-5 months with this. For less than £10, it really is an essential purchase.

 I would also recommend that you get Duel’s glass cloth as well. It’s less than a Big Mac and chip and it’ll make your glass look amazing.

Optical can be found on Amazon, as well as direct from Duel Autocare. The Duel Autocare Glass Cloth can also be found on the Duel Autocare website.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value for Money


Duel Autocare Optical Glass Cleaner is great at breaking down road film and grime and leaving a flawless finish.



Streak free finish

Glass looks amazing after use

A little goes a long way


Would advise against using on infotainment screens