When it comes to polishing, many immediately think of it as a way to remove scratches and swirls from paintwork. This is true. However, polishes and glazes can also protect the paintwork as well.

When using a polish or a glaze properly, it can hide minor scratches and swirls and bring back a deep shine to the paintwork.

It should be noted that the cutting power of a hand polish is far off from the power of a polish and compound carried out by a machine.

Polishes and glazes work by using fillers to mask the imperfections on the paint work, as opposed to a polish applied by machine polisher which will literally abrade the paintwork to remove these imperfections.

These fillers bring about a temporary effect of scratch and swirl reduction which will break down wash after wash. The quality of the polish used will dictate how well it fills these imperfections, but it should be noted that heavily swirled paintwork does require a full paint correction.

With that in mind, there are several polishes available on the market that can be applied by hand to help restore the finish on a car.

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