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So this is a pretty wordy product name, but in this review, I’ll be looking at how well this lives up to the hype, and if it is worthy of the title of a ceramic coating.

How to Apply

Thankfully, the application of Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating is really easy. As with any protection product, I would recommend that the surface is thoroughly cleaned using a high quality shampoo and then dried. Unlike the older variant, the car has to be dry before applying this.

I would advise using a shampoo that doesn’t have a wax in it since this will help the coating to properly adhere to the surface.

Once it’s dried, it’s as simple as giving the bottle a quick mix and then applying up to three sprays per panel. After this, you’ll need one microfibre cloth to spread the product around the panel and then another to buff it off. I tried numerous cloths and I found that the best ones to use were the plusher, Glart microfibres. Thankfully they come in a 3 pack so you’re getting great value for money.

It is possible to layer this product, but I would wait at least 24 hours for this. If you haven’t driven the car during that time, then simply running a hose over it, drying it and then applying the second coat is more than enough.

What I did find interesting about the Ceramic Wax Coating is that it could be applied in direct sunlight without streaking. I tried this on the black pillars on the car and there was no streaking at all which I was really impressed with.


Turtle Wax are claiming up to a years longevity with the product. I would say that the 12 month durability is a bit of a stretch. Personally during my testing on various cars and panels, the most I got out of a single application was 7 months. However, this was when used in conjunction with the recommended shampoo from Turtle Wax which will help to maintain the coating. Having said that, 7 months for a spray on, wipe off product is pretty damn great.


I was really impressed by how great the car looked after applying this. Not only that, but the water repellency was excellent as well.

One of the selling points for Ceramic Spray Coating is that it can also be used to protect glass, trim and alloy wheels. When it comes to protecting the windscreen, I prefer to use dedicated products to ensure that there’s no judder with the blades, but the side windows and the back windows repelled water for a good 11 months after application. This was of particular use in the winter as well.

With respect to using the product on alloy wheels, I applied this to a pad instead and then onto the face of the wheel to ensure that no product got onto the brake disc. In terms of protection on the alloys, I noticed that that the beading and sheeting tailed off after a month. However, this is still pretty decent and considering it’s so versatile, I’m not disappointed with this at all.

Value for Money

I would say that Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating offers great value for money. It should of course be used in conjunction with the Turtle Wax Ceramic Wash and Wax to ensure that the product last for as long as possible. As mentioned elsewhere on the site, I’m always a fan of using the same products in a range when it comes to maintaining a coating as opposed to using a different brand to wash a Turtle Wax coated car. The price for the Ceramic Spray Coating is very reasonable as well, and definitely a highly recommended coating.

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solution Ceramic Spray Coating is a unique, multipurpose ceramic protection for your car. It offers great protection at a low price point.



Can be used in direct sunlight

Very cost effective

Great hydrophobic properties


12 month durability is a bit of a stretch