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W6 is an iron fallout remover from the Gtechniq team, who are renowned for their excellent coatings.

Ease of Use

Much like the other iron fallout removers, this is no different in terms of how easy it is to use. After the car has been washed and rinsed off, it’s simply the case of applying this to the panel. It will cling to the panel more than other products will, such as Autoglym Magma. There is the argument here that due to this, it can help to break down even more iron particles. On the flipside, there is the argument that after a certain point, it can no longer break down the iron particles, so it dwelling on the body for any longer isn’t really needed.

As with other fallout removers, it is always recommended that it is not allowed to dry on the paint work or glass. I did try this out and let it dry on the glass and it did form a white haze. This was easy to remove by rinsing the glass and then going over it with a microfibre wash mitt that had car shampoo on it.


Some iron fallout removers also contain surfactants in them, and are really foamy when liberally applied and agitated, such as the previously covered Autoglym Magma. This isn’t the case with W6. It does a stellar job in remove fallout from alloy wheels, and in a short time as well. Having said that, some caution should be used if this is the sole cleaner used when cleaning wheels. Since it is not as foamy, even Gtecniq have conceded that care needs to be taken when using this a sole wheel cleaner. If that is the case, special care should be taken when the fallout is agitated to clean the face and barrel of the wheel, and hard bristled brushes should be avoided as this can significantly increased the chance of scratching the wheels.

In this case, I have two recommendations when it comes to using W6 as part of a wheel cleaning regimen. The first is to pre-clean the wheels, either with a wheel cleaner, wheel shampoo (or if the wheels are coated, a normal shampoo). This will remove a large degree of dirt and debris from the wheels. After this, W6 can be applied to the alloys, allowed to dwell and then be rinsed off before being applied again to the wheels.

For those on short of time and would instead prefer to use W6 as their sole alloy wheel cleaner, I have found that it is still possible to do so. In this case, what has worked for me is to use a soft detailing brush to agitate the fallout remover. In this case, I used the 26JPN Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes on the face of the wheel, along with a Vikan brush. I have also had great success with using the Gtechniq WM2 washmitt. It’s extremely soft and is great for getting into the barrel of the wheel and behind the spokes. If it’s the case you’d rather use a wheel brush to clean the barrel, then I can highly recommend the Meguiar’s supreme microfibre wheel brush. It is incredibly soft and it works really well when it comes to cleaning the barrel of the wheels.

Meguiar's X1902EU Supreme Microfibre Wheel Brush, Medium, Completely Safe Wheel Cleaning , Black
  • COMPLETELY SAFE: Safe wheel cleaning on all wheel finishes including alloys, painted and chrome; no metal parts

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Gtechniq Car Cleaning Microfibre Cloth Wash Mitt with Inner Foam Core, Dirt Trapping Fibres, Comfortable Low Friction Glide Cleaning Mitt, Car Accessories for Car Detailing Kit
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I was extremely happy with W6 iron and general fallout remover. I would have been surprised if it didn’t do an excellent job, given the fantastic track record from the Gtechniq range.

The iron fallout is readily visible with the excellent reaction W6 has with iron. As you would expect, the paint work felt a lot smoother after rinsing of W6. This is no doubt thanks to the fact that it has unclogged the wax and removed the fallout that was in it.

As with other fallout removers, it is always recommended that it is not allowed to dry on the paint work or glass. I did try this out and let it dry on the glass and it did form a white haze.

Value for money

An important thing to note about W6 is that unlike a lot of the other iron fallout removers on the market, it actually comes in several different sizes. I really do like it for that reason, especially since it’ll give you the chance to buy a smaller bottle to see if you like using it as a product on your own car. It is also possible to get it in a 5 litre container as well which in the long run is more economical than buying the smaller bottles.

Effect on waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings

I have always been on the opinion that if you have a wax, sealant or ceramic coating on your car made by a certain company, then it is a better option to complement this protection by using other products designed by the same company. I tried W6 Iron & General Fallout remover on a car coated with a combination of Autoglym UHD Wax, Collinite 845 and also Collinite 476S and I did not notice any degradation to these respective waxes. Now, it cannot be ruled out that W6 won’t have an impact on other waxes or sealants, but generally if you have a high quality LSP on your car, then you should be relatively safe. If it is the case that the car is ceramic coated, by say Gtechniq Crystal Serum, then I would recommend that it fallout is removed by using W6.

Gtechniq W6 Iron and General Fallout Remover for Cars, Brake Dust Degreaser and Cleaner for Wheels, Rims and Paintwork, Safe on Coatings, 500ml
  • POWERFUL FORMULA DISSOLVES BRAKE DUST AND FALL OUT FAST - iron particles and brake dust wash off thanks to a thick gel formula that clings to the surface leaving the paintwork, rims and wheels looking like they've just left the showroom

Last update on 2024-05-19 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money
  • Results


Gtechniq W6 is a brilliant iron fallout remover. It works exceptionally well and is highly recommended.



Great results Different size bottles available


Doesn’t contain surfactants which may put some off