Last Updated on April 1, 2023 by Stewart

Sealants are another form of paint protection. In the past, it was the case that sealants lasted longer than conventional waxes. One of the downfalls of some sealants though was that they didn’t give the gloss levels that were more commonly seen with waxes. Another drawback for certain sealants is that they require a long cure time before they can be buffed off. Whilst a wax can be removed five minutes after application, some sealants needed upwards of a half hour to cure.

With sealants, these are always in liquid form. Some can be sprayed directly onto the paint, whereas others require it to be applied to a microfibre towel or pad before applying it to the paint work.

With the advent of better technology, the time requirement isn’t as long as it used to be for some sealants on the market. Below are a list of sealants I have personally tested and my thoughts on them.

When it comes to caring for a car that has been protected by a sealant, it is the same as a car that has been protected with a wax. More information on prolonging their presence can be found here.

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