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So this is a bit of a strange review for a detailing website. However, I firmly believe that any detailing regimen requires a certain degree of fitness.

The problem is though, with the rising costs if gym membership and equipment, it can be really tough to get into (and stay in) shape.

I previously had the older Bullworker that lasted for a few decades (it had been in the family for a long time). But, as time marches on and everyone’s lives are busier, we forget to take care of ourselves.  Fast forward to 2021 and I’ve got the latest Bullworker beside me as I’m writing this.

What is the Bullworker Bow Classic?

This is a modern version of the original Bullworker design. The main principle of the Bullworker range is the use of Isometric exercise. This is a form of exercise whereby a 7-10 contraction can greatly increase muscle resiliency and strength. However, it is used in tandem with Isotonic motions which are effectively repetitions of the same exercise.

In effect, the Bullworker Bow Classic is a way to carry out these exercises extremely easily. It is a lightweight device and has 5 interchangeable springs. The benefit of this is that it means that the resistance can be changed very easily.

There are also cables on each side of it so that pulling exercises can be carried out.

For any workout regimen, there is always the possibility that injury can occur. However, this is severely reduced with the Bullworker Bow Classic. In effect, you are only able to push or pull within your limits. This is much different when compared to gym equipment such as dumb bells or barbells  that you may pick up, but then drop on you. The Bow Classic weighs just under 2kg, so it’s not heavy at all.  Since a picture paints a thousand words, here’s a photo of it:

What comes in the box?

When I purchased this back in February, the model was with 5 interchangable springs. The maximum resistance available with the springs is 160lbs/72 kg which is a hefty level of resistance.  There is also a pad to protect the floor when carrying out crunches with it, which is a nice addition. There are also three hand grips with it for the cables. I’ve found these grips to be excellent when it comes to doing tricep pull downs especially. It really gives an excellent grip.

There is also a high quality guide included in the box, along with an excellent canvas bag to store the Bow Classic and the springs in. This is particularly good if you’re travelling a lot and want to make sure it’s protected whilst moving around.

Is the Bullworker Bow Classic robust?

The Bow Classic really is a robust piece of kit, much like the original models were. As mentioned above, it isn’t particulary heavy. However, when holding it, it feels high quality and you can tell it’s built to last. This isn’t some fad piece of equipment that will break a few years down the line.

It is a considered purchase as it isn’t cheaply priced, but that’s due to the high quality materials involved in making it. When you look at the reviews on Amazon, it’s clear to see just how happy people are with it.

Does the Bullworker Bow Classic work?

The short answer is absolutely. I feel a lot better in general using it. My sleep is a lot better as well thanks to the work out I’m getting. In fact,  I had a chat with the President of Bullworker, Chrisman Hughes about how well it works. I also brought up that ex ECW and WWF wrestler Stevie Richards has bought himself a Bow Classic as well. That should say a lot about the product if a wrestler is getting behind it.

What I really like about it as well is that it a quick workout can be performed to maintain fitness levels, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to car detailing. You don’t need to use it until you become extremely ripped, but even an exercise regime of 20 minutes per day is enough to keep the fitness levels up. I do like to step it up and go for around a 50 minute workout, but you can do a short one when you’re limited with time.

I’ve noticed that since using it routinely again that my flexibility is a lot better as well, and when I’m bending over the car, I’m doing it with proper form. Previously, I could feel pretty sore depending on how long I spent on the car, but using the Bow Classic regularly means this isn’t as big an issue these days.

I would highly recommend the Bullworker Bow Classic to anyone that is serious about their fitness goals and maintaining them. I’d also like to point out that Chrisman from Bullworker has been great with any questions I’ve had for him and always get’s back to me really quickly. There is also a YouTube channel where you can watch the workouts being carried out. The channel can be found here

Please note as with any workout regimen, you have to take things slow and steady. If you have any concerns, please consult with a doctor first. The information in this review should not be considered as medical advice. I am merely sharing what has worked for me.

Bullworker Bow Classic 90cm Isometric Exercise Equipment, Portable Strength Training At Home Gym Equipment for Back, Shoulder, Chest, Biceps, Abs, Arm, Ab Workout, All In One Exerciser for Men & Women
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The Bullworker Bow Classic is a brilliant, cost effective and safe way to improve your fitness levels



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