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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Slick-N-Slide  Pure Wash Shampoo (what a mouthful) is the latest car shampoo from our friends over at Turtle Wax.

As you would expect from the Hybrid Solutions range, it’s their more premium priced product which is for the detailing enthusiast, as opposed to their cheaper lineup which is used by those that might not necessarily care that much about cleaning the car.

How To Use

Slick-N-Slide Pure Wash Shampoo can be used in three different ways. The first is to apply it using a snow foam lance. Once a thick blanket of it has been put onto the car, the dirt can then be removed by using a microfibre wash mitt (check out my favourite ones here). Another way to use it is part of a paint decontamination. Again, it is applied by a snow foam lance and then using a clay bar or clay mitt to remove the embedded contaminants on the surface of the paint work.

The last way to use it is to add 30ml of the shampoo into 10 litres of water and use it as a normal car shampoo. I really like that it can be used in a few different ways, it’s a novel approach. Generally speaking you can’t use these three different methods from the other shampoos that are on the market. That in itself sets is apart from the others that are available.


I really liked using this shampoo by loading it into the foam cannon and then carrying out the contact wash that way. There was a lot of lubricity to it and it felt very safe carrying out the wash. I can appreciate though that not everyone has access to a snow foam lance.

As such, I also tried it in a bucket as well to see how different it performed. I’m glad to say that even when carrying out a conventional wash on the car, this shampoo really did live up to it’s slick and slide name. My wash mitt glided over the paint work and at no point was I worried about there being any marring on the paint.

When using both methods, the paint looked extremely clean afterwards. Being a white car, it’s very easy to notice when a part has been missed, or if not all the dirt has been quite taken away. This was not the case here; it cut through the road film with ease.

In terms of using this as a way to lubricate the panel when using a clay mitt/bar, I used this on a friends blue car that was in severe need of a decontamination. I used this in conjunction with a clay mitt using the instructions on the bottle.

Again, the clay mitt slid across the paintwork, whilst at the same time successfully removing the embedded contaminants. After rinsing off the paint, there was no noticeable marring on the paint. Now, this will also depend on your own technique when carrying this step out. I have seen people be extremely aggressive when claying their car and the paint is left in a real state afterward. However, as long as you follow the steps properly and make sure not to use an aggressive approach, then it should be enough to remove the majority of the bonded on contaminants. If there are still some thereafter, then I would suggest you use a chemical approach to remove them.

I also liked that since it is pH neutral, there was no degradation to the paint protection I already have on my car.

Value For Money

Slick-N-Slide isn’t the cheapest product around. However, when working it out how many washes you get from it, this can change things. If you wash it using a snow foam lance, you will get 14 washes from it before you need to buy another bottle. Similarly, if you use this as a clay mitt lubricant you will also get 14 applications from it.

However, you would never use a clay mitt on your car after every wash.

If you used this in a bucket, you would get 47 washes out of it. Presuming you washed your car once per week, you would get nearly a year from it. In that case, it is great value for money. Personally, I would use it to clean my car with the snow foam lance method in the winter, and use it as a bucket wash in the warmer months. This will give you a great clean throughout the year, but in the winter months you will spend next to no time with your hand in a cold bucket (if you use the multi-mitt car wash method).

Even at three months (presuming you wash your car once per week) when using the snow foam lance method, you’re getting great value for money due to how amazingly well it cleans the paintwork. It’s a fantastic shampoo, and one that you should consider.

Turtle Wax 53984 Hybrid Solutions Pro Slick-N-Slide Pure Wash, pH Neutral Foaming Car Wash Shampoo Works With Foam Cannons or Hand Wash for a Spot Free Clean, 1.42L
  • Car Foam Cleaner - pH neutral car wash for painted surfaces; breaks down tough stains, soils and grime without stripping away wax, sealants or coatings

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Slick-N-Slide Pure Wash Shampoo is a fantastic, multi application car shampoo that you should definitely consider.



Great cleaning power

Extremely slick

pH neutral