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Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care is a spray product that can be used on various sections of the car. This makes it a great, “one stop product” for any detailer.

How to use Vinyl and Rubber Care

The first step is ensuring that the trim work is perfectly clean with a high quality shampoo (such as Autoglym UHD Shampoo) and then dried. Unlike semi-permanent dressings and trim restorers, there are no additional preparation steps required. There are two ways to use it, depending on the desired finish. For those that prefer a glossy finish, this is achieved by spraying a generous amount of the product on the area of choice, before gently buffing the area with a microfibre towel. If it is a matt, natural finish which is preferred then just a small amount of the product should be sprayed onto the area and then buffed off with a cloth.

I’ve tried the method of applying it directly to the area, as well as spraying it onto a microfibre towel and then applying it that way and found the latter to be a much better option. I have read other reviews where people have noted that the product causes streaking when wet. This will happen if is applied liberally without being buffed and it rains shortly after. However, this can’t be classed as a fault with the product since it does mention to buff it in the instructions.

What I really like about Vinyl and Rubber Care is that it can be used on the interior and exterior of the car. However, as suggested by Autoglym, it should not be applied to pedals, steering wheels, gear sticks or floor mats. I was curious how slick it would make floor mats, so I tried it on a set I was ready to throw away. On one matt I applied it liberally, and on the other I applied it sparingly. On both, it felt pretty slick, and therefore would never recommend using it on floor mats since this could cause an accident when getting in and out of the car since there is less traction.

What can Vinyl and Rubber Care be used on?

Vinyl and Rubber Care is a great way to add a small amount of UV protection to the dashboard, especially when this is bombarded all the time by the sun. It can also be used on all exterior trim, as well as the wheel arches. I currently have Gtechniq C4 on the majority of the trim on my car. I do not have it on the scuttle panel, however as I wanted an area left that I could test different products on. The scuttle panel was looking dull, light grey and generally faded overall, but this is a great area to use Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner on.

Likewise, the rubber seals between the doors, as well as the bonnet and the boot lid are also great areas to apply the product to. It really does help to keep the rubber supple, and less likely to crack and degrade, something which can happen as the car gets older.

When it comes to detailing an engine bay, this is something I have a love/hate relationship with. I’ve got a Clio, and there is the stigma attached to them that they do not have the best electrics. In all honesty, I’ve never been a fan of using a pressure washer or garden hose on an engine bay, regardless of who made the car.

Instead, I like to use multiple, cheap microfibre cloths, and a small amount of Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and gently clean the engine bay. After that, I apply the Vinyl and Rubber Care as described above to any areas that have black plastic, as well as the hoses to protect them.


Regardless of the finish you would prefer, Vinyl and Rubber Care gives a great result. I was really impressed that the same product was able to get a deep, glossy finish, as well as a natural OEM look based on how much of it was applied.  For the low price that this is on offer for, the results really are fantastic. As an added bonus, it has a refreshing lemon scent. Normally these dressings can smell pretty pungent, so it’s good to see that Autoglym have added a fresh scent to it.


The durability of Vinyl and Rubber Care is really based on environmental factors. Generally speaking though, per application you can expect to get 6-7 weeks before it needs to be re-applied. This may seem like a hassle, but given that it can be applied and buffed to the desired finish in under a minute per section, this really isn’t much of a hardship at all. Within the engine bay, the heat generated in there means that it lasts about 4 weeks.

The important factor to consider though is that it is offering UV protection to the vinyl and rubber whilst it is on these areas which is something which should not be overlooked.

Autoglym Vinyl And Rubber Care, 500ml - Fresh Lemon Scented Interior Car Cleaner Spray Designed To Protect Your Dashboard and Other Interior Plastics, White
  • This Autoglym car interior cleaner restores original surface colour and provides a clear protective coating to dashboards and other interior plastic and rubber components

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Durability


Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care is a low cost, highly effective dressing. It is super easy to apply, has great durability and smells good, too. It is highly recommended.



Really well priced

Can be used on a variety of surfaces

Good durability at this price point


Can cause streaking if not applied properly by the user not following the instructions