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Profile is a multipurpose dressing from the team at Duel Autocare and in this review, I’ll be looking at the various ways it can be used.

How To Use Profile

As with any other tyre dressing, it’s important that the sidewall of the tyre is clean, dry and free of previous dressings. Cleaning it can be achieved by using a wheel and tyre cleaner of your choice.

Depending on the finish that you like for your tyres, there’s a few different ways in which it can be applied. Personally, I always opt for a more satin, OEM finish when I’m dressing the tyres. In this case, I applied a small amount of Profile to an applicator, and then even distributed this along the sidewall of the tyre.

If at this stage too much has been applied, it can easily be knocked back by using a microfibre cloth. With the satin finish on my tyres, I found that a dollop of Profile the size of a 20p piece was more than enough to cover the full tyre, and then run the applicator back over it again to smooth it out.

When applying it, I purposefully added a bit too much, just to see how easy it was to remove the excess residue. This was a breeze to remove.

For those that like a glossy sidewall on the tyre, this can be achieved by layering Profile several times until the desired finish is achieved. A little goes a long way and I like that it can be built up to the desired finish with only a small amount of product. The gel based formula makes it really easy to use and spread around the sidewall. Since it is gel based, I would recommend that gloves are used when applying it.

In the case of trim pieces, the same method is used as that for the tyres. A little can go a long way. One area that always seems to get bleached by the sun is the scuttle panel where the windscreen arms are. I was blown away at the transformation that Profile made to this. I did apply a bit more than necessary to this area and just let it soak into the plastic.


For the front grill on the car, this gets dirty extremely quickly. A small amount of it on the applicator pad was more than sufficient to bring it back to an OEM finish.

On my car, the read door handles are actually built into the trim. These can fade over time, and I was curious about how Profile would deal with these. After applying a small amount of Profile and letting it dry, it looked as though it was a new part just fresh out of the factory.

Since it was a door handle as well as a trim piece, a concern was if it was oily or greasy due to it being  a gel based formula. I’m glad to say that despite it being gel based, there wasn’t any residue left over and using the handles didn’t cause sticky at all.

With respect to the tyres, they looked phenomenal after the application and the following morning as well. Whilst it’s still too early to say how long it’ll last for before fading, I took the car on a 70 mile trip and there was degradation to the dressing. The tyres also looked as though they had just been dressed and perfectly clean. More importantly, there wasn’t any tyre sling which, on a white car, would look horrendous.

Whilst it might not be a deal breaker for everyone, having a pleasant smell to Profile added to the overall enjoyment of the product. I personally think it smells like cherry bakewells, as mentioned elsewhere on the site.

However, the downside of this is that I ended up eating 4 of them on the bounce. Mind you, when detailing it’s important to keep the energy levels up!

I also used it on the wheel arch liners to bring these back to black again and it did an great job. These can be really difficult to clean if you’re not able to take the wheels off. However, even after giving it a clean with the wheels still in place and then applying Profile, they looked really good. The longevity of it in the wheel arches might not be as long as the tyres or the trim though since they won’t have been fully decontaminated.

Value for Money

Profile is a great value product. I like that it is multipurpose which saves us all money in the long term. I’ve used other multipurpose dressings in the past and they’ve been lacklustre in the areas I’ve used them in, so it’s really a false economy. This really isn’t the case with Profile. For those that have got a lot of trim on their cars, such as those with Minis, Profile is an invaluable product to have in the detailing tool kit.

It is available on Amazon, as well as directly from Duel Autocare.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value for Money


Profile is a brilliant tyre and trim dressing. You can easily achieve your desired finish by layering the product, and it really does add the finishing touch to the car.



Excellent multipurpose dressing

Leaves amazing results

Very cost effective

Smells great