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Sealing the glass on your car is, in essence, no different to sealing the paintwork on the car.

As long as the glass is properly decontaminated, the sealant should adhere to the car glass  just fine. A superior quality glass cleaner will leave a great finish on the glass before application.

A high quality car glass sealant will repel rain with ease, making visibility so much better, especially in the winter. It will also mean that dirt and road grime won’t stick to the glass quite as easily as it would when the sealant isn’t applied. It can also prevent a build up of ice on the windscreen, which in the winter months is a massive bonus.

However, there are many sealants on the market that are subpar, and just don’t last very long at all. With that in mind, I’ve tried out several glass sealants and comprised a list of my favourite options.

Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision

I’ve previously praised G1 Clear Vision in my review, but I’ll summarise here why I like it so much. The first is the price; the cost for the kit is under £12 (most times) which in itself for a Gtechniq coating is nothing short of exceptional. The kit comes with two bottles, the G1 coating, and also a residue remover.

The glass needs to be properly cleaned- Gtechniq recommends their own glass cleaner, but any high quality one will do. After this, the process is quite simple; 3 applications of the G1, and then remove any residue with the G2. You do need some microfibre cloths, and I would recommend the Gtechniq ones for this. All in, it should take 2 hours maximum to apply the coating. The glass should also be protected from rain for at least 12 hours post application. It really isn’t difficult to apply at all, and I had no issues removing the residue afterwards.

This may seem like a long process, but I’d say it’s worth it. The quoted duration of the coating is 20,000 miles. Sitting on 15,000 miles I would say that this claim holds true.

As an added bonus, there is no windscreen wiper judder when using this either. Even at speeds of 40mph, the water runs right off of the windscreen, and in the snow, it doesn’t get a chance to build up on it. Highly recommended between the low cost and also water repellency.

Gtechniq Auto G1 ClearVision Smart Glass for Cars, Repels Water off Glass and Windscreens, Easy to Use, Lasts up to 20,000 Miles, 15ml
  • HYDROPHOBIC SPRAY DELIVERS IMPROVED VISIBILITY FOR UP TO 20,000 MILES - water simply beads off so your windscreen stays clean and clear, giving you better vision for improved safety whilst also making glass easier to clean with windscreen cleaner

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Soft99 Glaco Glass Compound and Ultra Glaco

Soft99 have really knocked the ball out of the park with Glaco. In this kit, there are two bottles included. One is the compound, and the other is the glass sealant. Thankfully, it’s really easy to use overall.

It’s the case of cleaning the glass with a car shampoo (read about my favourite ones here) and then applying the Glaco compound onto the glass. This will fully decontaminate it and remove any hard to shift dirt and grime, as well as water spots. What I really like about the compound is that the bottle it comes in has an applicator included, so you can easily apply it to the glass.

After this has been rinsed off and dried, the Ultra Glass can be applied directly to the glass. Again, much like the compound, it comes with an applicator on the bottle. It’s really as easy as rolling the applicator of the glass and then waiting around 10 minutes before buffing it off with a damp cloth.

The results from it are great. Water flies off of the windscreen and side windows, and I’ve noticed a marked decrease in the dirt on the windscreen, even in the poorer weather. The visibility improvement that this offers is excellent. I was extremely happy with how water repellent this product is.

In terms of lifespan, it’ll last up to 12 months, although this is dependent on how many miles are covered each year. However, I haven’t noticed any degradation with the use of wiper blades, nor have I experienced any wiper judder.

The price is roughly double that of the Gtechniq, but it can also be applied in a half hour, so that’s quite a trade off. You also don’t need to keep it dry for 12 hours after application. For those short of time that still want a long lasting product, this is a great option.

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Cerakote Ceramic Glass Coating

Cerakote are an American company that have made their name with their high end, but cost effective ceramic coatings.

With respect to their glass coating, it comes in a great kit. It includes a glass cleaner to make sure the glass is 100% clean before application, an applicator pad, the glass coating and also a buffing cloth.

This was really easy to apply, and the glass wipes left a clean, flawless finish to the glass. The glass sealant was applied in a cross hatch pattern to ensure even coverage and after leaving for 10 minutes, I was able to buff it off without issue.

The clarity left behind was perfect. It actually looked as though there wasn’t any glass there! The water repellency is also impressive with this, the water didn’t want to sit on it. Much like the others on this list, there was no judder, and I’ve also not had any smearing after applying. This has been on another car for 5 months now, and it’s still holding up as well as the day that it was first installed.

I like that everything in the kit is included, and it’s certainly the fastest of all three items on this list to apply.

Last update on 2024-05-19 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Glass Sealant FAQs

Do I really need a Glass Sealant?

This depends on how much you’re driving, and also the weather conditions that you have in your area. Personally, I would say yes, it’s advantageous to have a glass sealant. It makes cleaning the glass so much easier, and

Can I use car wax on my windows and windscreen?

This is a hard no. A car wax isn’t designed to be applied to the glass. If you applied it to the windscreen, it could cause severe wiper judder. In addition to this, it can also be smeared when the wipers are used, thereby greatly reducing visibility.

Likewise, applying it to the windows can cause them to smear when they move up and down, again reducing visibility. Due to that, never apply a car wax to the windows.

Can I damage my glass by applying a glass sealant?

As long as you follow the instructions perfectly, you won’t damage the glass. The instructions are very easy to follow, and taking your time and reading them over a few times ensures that there won’t be any damage.