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In this article, I’ll be taking a look at G1 Clear Vision from Gtechniq. Gtechniq are known for making fantastic ceramic coatings for paint and alloy wheels that have several years of durability.


Before starting, make sure that that the glass is 100% clean. Gtechniq recommend using their own glass cleaner. However, using any high quality glass cleaner will do the job. The car should not be in direct sunlight. It should also be protected from the rain for at least 3 hours after applying the G1.


Within the kit, there are two bottles; G1 and G2. G1 is the sealant and the G2 is the residue remover. There are also several lint free applicator pads in the kit. A glass towel isn’t included to remove the residue. Gtecniq do recommend using their MF5 towel. This is something I would agree with. These are relatively inexpensive and having a few of these for cleaning the glass is ideal.

The G1 must be applied to one of the lint free pads. This is applied to the glass in a circular motion to ensure even coverage. The cure time for G1 is actually pretty quick; 10 minutes is more than adequate for this. After curing, use the G2 with an MF5 towel to remove any residue.

For the windscreen, two to three coats can be applied. When I did this, I left 15 minutes between applications. For the rest of the car, there was still enough in the bottle to apply the G1 to every other window on the car. The only part I couldn’t do was the top of the windows on the first application. I didn’t want to move the windows down during the 3 hour window since I didn’t want to remove any of the sealant with the friction of the window moving up and down.

Ease of Use

Personally, I didn’t have any issues with applying the G1. I wasn’t sure what it would do to any of the trim around the windows. To get around this issue, I masked this area off using painters tape. I do the same when I’m waxing the car and it only really added on 10 minutes to the overall process.

There wasn’t a large amount of residue after the curing period and the MF5 towel removed what residue there was with ease.

Cleaning the glass has been so easy after applying the G1 sealant and I’m able to get around the car in only a few minutes.


Gtechniq have rated the durability of the G1 to be approximately 20,000 miles. I haven’t driven that much yet however even after driving just over 5,000 miles, the water repellent characteristics are as good as they were on the day I applied it.

I also hit the windscreen with a large volume of iron fallout removers as well as all purpose cleaners on the side windows. Despite this, there has been no degradation of the sealant.

On the windscreen, there also hasn’t been any judder which is a welcome bonus. In the past when using Rain X, I noticed that there was a small amount of judder from the windscreen. Considering that G1 is cheaper than Rain X as well as it lasting longer, I can highly recommend that you use it to protect your car glass.

Gtechniq Auto G1 ClearVision Smart Glass for Cars, Repels Water off Glass and Windscreens, Easy to Use, Lasts up to 20,000 Miles, 15ml
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Last update on 2024-07-18 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass is a fantastic glass sealant for your car. It’s priced at the lower end of the scale, and the application is extremely easy. The only downside is protecting it for three hours after application. For those without a garage, it can be a tricky situation. However, by planning the process properly, this shouldn’t be an issue.